About Real Peoples Media

Real People’s Media (RPM) is a multimedia news and information network that expresses the interests, experiences, and viewpoints of Onkwehon:we clan families and their allies who act in a manner consistent with the Kayanere’kowa. Real People’s Media produces audio, video, text, photos and other media for distribution on its website in both digital and non-digital forms. Real Peoples Media supports tsi niyonkwarihotens [Onkwehon:we ways of thinking and Onkwehon:we political agendas]. We are creating truthful media that expresses Onkwehon:we concerns and stories with integrity.

About the header pictures on this website: These pictures were taken at a historic gathering of over 100 members of Onkwehon:we clan families who had come to Washington DC on April 20th 2015 to support Indigenous peoples living within the state of Ecuador. These people in Ecuador have suffered one of the worst ecological disasters in human history, when oil giant Chevron (then known as Texaco) created giant oil spills in the pristine Amazonian rainforest. To find out more about the #dirtyhandofchevron campaign and the relationship of clan families to Ecuadorian issues please read the following article