Sometimes the peace cannot be kept, and conflict ensues. The following are some videos from the frontlines. 


Mohawk Warriors chase the police out

"The Good Old Boys" Starring: The Mohawk Warriors vs The Police. - May 2004

RESIST: The Unist'ot'en's Call to the Land a SIMPLE MATTERS FILMS production RESIST; The Unist'oten's Call to the Land is a short documentary that was filmed in the summer of 2013 on unceded Wet'suwet'en territory, 1000 km north of Vancouver in northern BC (western Canada) over the duration of the fourth annual Environmental Action Camp, hosted by the Unist'ot'en (C'ihlts'ehkhyu/Big Frog) Clan.

Sakej Ward in his video presentation defines a Warrior's responsibility, is to look after his people and the land, preparing it for the next seven generations. Sakej states that warriors have a sacred responsibility to manage the land and that nature is taken care of, but when there is a threat that will impact everything around you somebody needs to stand up, and it is the responsibility of these warriors to take action.

Savage Fam offers some of the realest rhymes in hip hop, since the gangsta rap scene of South Central LA in the early 90's. Their solidly produced tracks tell tales of the hardships of colonization and of life on the rez. But Savage Fam doesn't take the white man's oppression sitting down.