These are the voices of Onkwehon:we elders who have something to say to their people and to the world. The opinions expressed are solely their own.

WGO 22 - Francis Boots On Onkwehonwe Justice Systems

Francis Boots gives his take on traditional Onkwehonwe justice systems and means of conflict resolution. 


WGO 3 - Tekarontake On Trade, The Two Row Wampum And Early Relations With Settlers

Kanenhariyo and Tom are joined by respected elder Tekarontake, who takes us back in time to discuss the nature of Onkwehon:we trade relations and the origin of the Silver Covenant Chain and the Two Row Wampum.


Kanasaraken and Ateronhiatakon on the Council Fire of the Longhouse

Kanasaraken speaks to his friend Ateronhiatakon in Kanien'keha about what his father told him about the Kayenere'kowa and the Code of Handsome Lake. 


Kanasaraken speaks to Ateronhiatakon On The Kayenere:kowa

Kanasaraken speaks to his friend Ateronhiatakon in Akwesasne to talk about what his father told him. Issues covered include the Kayenere:kowa, the state of politics within the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and the influence of Gawio.