Thanks to the growing accessibility of new forms of digital media, you’ve now got one more avenue to get what you have to say out there to the people. Rhonda Martin, a proud member of the Wolf Clan of the Cayuga Nation, and an outspoken resident on the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, is the host of “Got Something to Say?” an audio podcast on issues and concerns of relevance to her and her community. 

Rhonda is a mother of seven, a grandmother of five, and a friend to many. She believes in traditional Onkwehonwe values, and was taught to stand up and fight for what’s right. 

Her show is based on lending a voice to people who need to have their voices heard, because they have something important to say and because their voice needs amplification and power to reach a broader audience. 

Welcome to the "Got Something To Say?" Podcast

With Rhonda Martin

Episode 1 - Got Something To Say?

On this the first episode of "Got Something to Say" your host Rhonda Martin gets into a discussion about the Peoples Fire and the issues facing many of the people of Six Nations.