This page provides a portal to the materials in our site that are published in an Onkwehon:we language. 



Dragging the Pole - Marriage Custom in Oneida

An old marriage custom told by Mrs. Thomas Baird and read by Maria Hinton. - Oneida language

The Maple Syrup Legend in Kanienkeha



Wahiakeron George Gilber speaks in Kanienkeha

Wahiakeron George Gilbert Kanienkeha (Mohawk) Teacher and Actor in English, Kanienkeha (Mohawk), and French. Contact for Mohawk lessons or Acting by phone (450) 638-7851.


Francis Boots Introduction in Mohawk


Kanasaraken speaks to Ateronhiatakon on the Kayenerekowa

Kanasaraken speaks to his friend Ateronhiatakon in Akwesasne to talk about what his father told him. Issues covered include the Kayenere:kowa, the state of politics within the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and the influence of Gawio.