RPM Coverage of Enbridge Line 9 Pipeline

After being activated in early December of 2015, the highly controversial Line 9 pipeline has now been manually shut down on four separate occasions by activists claiming their direct actions are in support of indigenous and environmental rights. A long and public campaign against the Line 9 reversal saw a lot of public objection take place against the pipeline, but ultimately proved incapable of stopping the reversal. 

These actions have involved activists in Ontario and Quebec breaching fences and cutting locks in order access manual controls that stop the physical flow of the bitumen. In two cases they had chained themselves to the pipeline controls to further increase the delay that the pipeline is shut down. 

Line 9 passes through more than 18 Indigenous communities and is the subject of a lawsuit filed by the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, claiming that Enbridge did not gain their consent. Many other indigenous communities have made clear their opposition to the Line 9 reversal, and Real Peoples Media is offering this page as a place to concentrate our coverage of this issue. 


Vanessa Gray Speaks about Shutting down line 9

On January 20th, 2016, Real Peoples Media interviewed Vanessa Gray about her involvement in shutting down Line 9. 

Rachel Thevenard run against Line 9

On January 2nd, 2016 we caught up with Rachel Thevenard to talk about how her run against Line 9 was going. 


Rachel and her crew come for a visit

Rachel Thevenard a 22 year old university student ran the entire length of the Line 9 pipeline in December and January. On her way through the Haldimand Tract she and members of her support team (Lindsay, Vanessa, and Heather) happened to be in the area and popped over to Kanenhariyo's to do the "What's Going On?" Podcast.


Kanenhariyo's thoughts on Line 9

Kanenhariyo has been thinking a lot about Line 9 lately, and in discussion with Rachel and her crew, this is what he has to say about it on Episode 32 of the What's Going On podcast. 


Not worth the risk backgrounder

Finally, if you're looking for an analysis of all the problems about Line 9 in one easy package, look no further than the "Not worth the risk" Community Report that was put out for the Line 9 National Energy Board hearings. 


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