Healing the Red Serpent

The Red Serpent section of our website, like the two following ones, gets its name from prophecy about the serpents that Kanenhariyo retold on Episode 27 of the What's Goin On Podcast. In that prophecy, the wounded Red Serpent goes to the hilly country to heal itself and to again become strong. So expect to see posts in this section dealing with all kinds of health and knowledge practices beneficial to the healing of Onkwehon:we people, as well as discussions and analysis of how Onkwehon:we people can return to the land. 

Healing through food sovereignty

Written & Directed by Simone Senogles & Scott C. Knudson Regaining Food Sovereignty explores the state of food systems in some Northern Minnesota Native communities; examining the relationship between history, health, tradition, culture and food.